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Data Security

Our #1 Priority

Is your data safe with FilesAnywhere? Absolutely. Since 1999, we have gone beyond standard measures to protect our customers and their data. Our unyielding commitment has made safe cloud storage possible. Thousands of businesses and individuals around the world use FilesAnywhere to store, access, and share data online. We deploy a blend of security measures to ensure maximum protection and the greatest overall data safety.

Security Benefits

Independent Security Evaluation
FilesAnywhere operates in a SOC3 Certified Data Center and is McAfee Secure Tested.

Three-Tiered Testing
We employ vigorous QA processes to eliminate errors.

Data Encryption for Transfers
128/256-bit SSL data encryption is standard on every account.

Data Encryption at Rest
Isilon proprietary storage cluster data encryption comes standard on business and enterprise accounts.

Firewall Protection
Every FilesAnywhere account is protected by IP authentication and brute force attack prevention.

Automated Backup
Coolbackup encrypts data locally before uploading with AES 256-bit encryption.

Daily Snapshots and Data Restore
FilesAnywhere takes a snapshot of every account at 11:00 PM EST every day. Point-in-time backups are stored for 30 days.

Role-Based Access Control
Advanced user provisioning and permissions are available in the administration console for Professional and Enterprise accounts.

Data Center Monitoring
The FilesAnywhere data center is monitored 24/7/365.